Djemila Medallion Blue Vintage Persian Floral Oriental Area Rug Distressed Modern Thick Soft Plush

  • Color: Dark and light blue, beige, ivory
  • Luxury, handmade feel at machine made prices.
  • Djemila Medallion Blue is a classic Old World style updated with modern design elements. A traditional Persian medallion design is refreshed by a contemporary palette of deep blue and neutral beige with accents of yellow. The intricately detailed pattern is heavily distressed to give the faded quality of an antique passed down through generations. A thick 0.5" pile of heat set polypropylene gives an exceptional plush feel and precise pattern definition. The yarn is soft, stain resistant, and doesn't shed or fade over time. A 100% jute backing is safe for wood floors and all four sides of the rug are serged for improved durability.