Super Lawn Artificial Grass Fade Resistant Rug

  • Thick, lush 20mm (0.8 inches) pile height. Non-toxic, eco-friendly polyethylene pile.
  • UV resistance prevents fading and promotes longevity. Synthetic material won't stain.
  • Densely woven, multi-tone blades with thatching for a natural look.
  • Rubber coated backing is rugged, durable, and features drainage holes to prevent water pooling.

Artificial material is naturally resistant to bacteria and mildew. Easy maintenance, clean with running water.

When looking to create a natural, verdant atmosphere in any area, indoor or out, look no further than synthetic turf. With the durability of artificial materials and the lovely, green look of the real thing, artificial grass is a win-win. Longevity and ease of care make this item perfect for an entryway or mud room. It can freshen up a patio or deck. The kids might love to play dinosaurs on the grass floor of their newly decorated playroom. Consider it the next time you tailgate. Or bring it with you on your RV camping adventure. Whatever you need, you'll save on water and never have to cut the grass.