About Rug Lots


My name is Anna, and I've been on the Rug Lots team for nine years. We're super excited that you came to our about page, the fact that you care to be well aquanted with the retailers you spend dollars with before shopping is totally respectable! It's something we already love about you! :-)

We have a tendency for talking a lot, plus lots of words can be dizzying, so we'll try to keep it fun and to the point as much as possible. 

RugLots.com was founded in 2007, as a direct outlet online for area rugs. Our products are sourced directly from the mill so there are no middle men. Our selection is exclusive so it's not product you can find on other websites. Our products are made in the factories where the big names come from but at 100-200% less. We're sort of like the modern day designer outlet.

There's certainly a ton more we can talk about as I mentioned before we don't want to bore you and take up too much of your time. Below you'll find some additional bullet points about how we think about our work here at Rug Lots! Thanks again for your interest to learn about us.

4 Bullet Points We Promise:

  1. Outstanding purchase experience.
  2. More Rug for your money.
  3. 24 Hours ship time. (Mon-Friday)
  4. Effortless returns.

      Experience is everything.

      At Rug Lots we believe quality service begins when your rug arrives at your doorstep. We standby our product and follow through on our commitment to quality with exceptional customer service. Our team is available via phone, email to ensure you're experience is what you expected.

      Effortless ordering and returns:

      We accept returns on all items, for any reason, within 30 days of delivery. You are responsible for return shipping costs back to us. We offer significant discounts on return labels (fraction of the price bringing it to ship center). Best part is we can have it picked up from your home or office.

      That's all for now. :-)

      Questions ? Please drop us a line at customercare@ruglots.com.


      With Love,

      Anna & The Rug Lots Team! 

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